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Taylor Thuss is a dispute resolution, litigation and business law firm with broad experience in civil litigation on both sides of the docket. Whether you have a complex commercial dispute, a simple business contract lawsuit, or are an individual turning to the courts for justice, we are prepared to provide exceptional client communication, cost-conscious billing and work relentlessly to get the right result for you.

Taylor Thuss also assists businesses with their everyday business needs, including contract drafting and negotiation, representation in transactions and financings, and real estate law.

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Commercial and Fiduciary Litigation

Taylor Thuss has vast experience litigating all types of commercial disputes, including claims of breach of partnership agreements, breach of fiduciary duties, fraud, misrepresentations, partnership disputes, corporate officer and director liability, suits for accounting, tortious interference with contract actions, and other business torts.

Professional Liability Litigation

Taylor Thuss handles matters involving professional liability in the areas of legal malpractice, architect/design professional liability, and accounting malpractice, investment broker and financial advisor malpractice.

Construction Litigation

Taylor Thuss represents general contractors, subcontractors and architects in disputes involving construction and engineering defects, claims for non-payment, and mechanic’s and materialmen’s lien foreclosures.

Contract Review and Negotiation

Taylor Thuss can assist businesses with drafting and revising contracts and consulting agreements, negotiating vendor agreements and leases.

Real Estate Law

Taylor Thuss assists clients with a wide variety of real estate legal needs. These include property ownership issues, deeds, negotiation of purchase/sale contracts and leases, and matter involving liens and easements that affect real property.

Consumer Litigation and Deceptive Trade Practices

Taylor Thuss represents consumers against businesses that have not complied with Texas or Federal law, including transactions for vehicle purchases, home purchases, and other products and services.

Trade Secret and Non-compete Litigation

Taylor Thuss handles disputes involving trade secrets, enforcement of non-competition clauses, licensing disputes, misappropriation, Lanham Act claims, and other intellectual property issues.

Employment Litigation

Taylor Thuss represents employees in connection with wage/compensation disputes, wrongful termination, workplace harassment, and disputes related to non-competition/non-solicitation agreements.

Securities Litigation
Collections and Creditor’s Rights

Taylor Thuss helps businesses enforce contract rights and obtain money owed to them, including: suits on sworn account for past-due invoices; default of promissory notes/loan agreements; judgment debt collection (post-judgment remedies); supplier disputes and indemnification claims.

Personal Injury and Product Liability

Taylor Thuss handles lawsuits involving severe injuries and deaths. Their attorneys have experience with the following types of cases: slip and fall/premises liability; assault injuries; catastrophic injuries; wrongful death; automobile, motorcycle and trucking accidents; burn injuries; boat accidents; and injuries caused by defective products.


Taylor Thuss can help businesses and individuals obtain immediate relief through injunctive relief (Temporary Restraining Orders, temporary injunctions, and permanent injunctions).

Landlord Tenant Disputes

Taylor Thuss represents both commercial and residential landlords and tenants in disputes regarding evictions, property damage, security deposits, unpaid rent and wrongful property seizures.

Insurance Coverage Disputes


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