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State of Texas v. Retirement Value LLC, et al.: As reported by Investment News, Taylor Dunham L.L.P. announced a distribution to investors from the Hill Country Funding Receivership.  The defrauded investors of Hill Country Funding had invested millions in unregistered securities.  The Texas State Securities Board obtained an injunction shutting down Hill Country Funding LLC and asked the Court to appoint Donald R. Taylor of Taylor Dunham L.L.P. as receiver of the company.  Mr. Taylor has been actively seeking recovery of funds on behalf of the defrauded Hill Country Funding investors.  Mr. Taylor was recently quoted in the trade journal:  “We’re fortunate to be able to make an interim distribution and we expect to pursue other avenues.”  Darla Mercado,  Bizarre drama in Texas nears end, August 19, 2012, http://www.investmentnews.com/article/20120814/FREE/120819957


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